Time After Time


The shining light of faith. The unstoppable belief of a lover lost at sea holding a candle against the raging, invisible storm. Against everything we prevail. With our hearts on the line, we survive on the thinnest of margins. On thin ice we dance knowing that at any second the watery womb will take us back to where we all belong. Death is our mother. We strive so hard to deny her, yet in the end we come crawling back, begging to be complete once more. No sadness, just an infinite expanse of dreams swirling around dead stars on the brink of something wonderful. Throw the windows open wide. Let in the ghosts that seek so desperately to feel alive. There is no end, only a constant stream. Endless rivers that pass between each and every one of us. Across the universe, we are moving all of the time. And even when time runs out, we shall continue our journey into the darkness. No fear, only faith. Minds separate. Love fails. Yet when all is said and done, we are everything and everywhere. Every face down every street along every shore. We are infinite. We will shine forever, unknown but alive in the skies of a billion planets just waiting to be found. There’s no way to be sure, but the path is always there. Just walk it and find out. Liberate yourself. Give yourself some meaning.

They think I’m a loner. They say I’m lacking in drive, yet my dreams take me to places they have never been. The confines of this place have little interest for me. Society stinks. It heaves with untold insects begging to be known by looks alone. Novelty is worshipped like it were something special. Those fifteen minutes of fame so desperately sought above all else. The need to feel alive in others eyes. Give me their minds instead. Let me find a way to get inside your skull. Let me rip apart that barricade and serenade every inch of what you are. Flesh and bone at the foot of my throne. Take my hand and watch me as I come alive in fantasy. It’s the only way to be, trust me. Outside the confines of modern life, I’m in your bed and I’m in your head. Intimacy. Desire. Currency no longer required. The need for comfort banished liked like all those useless cunts who seek approval with only money and possessions. Sex not in bodily penetration, but in the merging of fathomless souls. Repelled by cheapness. In the stained sheets that they wrap their worn out bodies in, they may smile but they ache for something more. They may even make you you wonder, but leave them all behind. Move above and beyond. Unknown pleasures so strong. Symbols replacing words. Dreams instead of the mundane. Take my hand. Squeeze it, and never look back. We go towards the sun. Together, we rise just like the old times. Time after time.

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  1. I just love your writing. my mind seems to explode with the visions you describe so eloquently, so acutely. I have never been so glad to follow a writer here. incredible work. look forward to your next one.

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