Extract From A Novel

“Wrapped in each others arms, we fell into the abyss. Hurtling through the electrical darkness faster than you could imagine, it were as if we were moving through the centre of the universe. In the heart of god, the laws of reality held no meaning. No time or space to shackle us, the truth of it was there for me to see. Everything was everything. Every moment and thought. Every single action on all the worlds and in all the galaxies existing in one place. Energy. Pulsating through memory and now, it linked the universe together in a place we all knew. It had been in my dreams since childhood. In every death I had tasted its flavour. In her eyes it had spoken invisibly to me, and now, The Magician and I were passing though it completely out of control. His eyes locked onto mine as the shards of glass from the mirror sped past us, a thunderous boom echoed all around. Static nothingness sweeping from all directions, we thrashed around whilst falling further and further into the unknown. His hands on my throat, I scratched his face as a soundtrack of interstellar chaos signalled our dance. It was the incestuous sex of creation from father and future son. With images of my journey flashing in the void, my fingers crawled across his face. Thumbs placed over his eyes, I pushed them in and gauged away. The scream that came from his mouth exploded out and partially deafened me. Thick crimson blood splashing onto me, his fingers pierced my skin in retaliation. Nails digging in as I shook his head back and forth, the two of us spun whilst engaged in devilish rage. Wanting nothing but to see him dead, I gazed beyond his bloodied face and saw a burst of light beneath us. The birth of another portal, blinking madly whilst awaiting our arrival. Racing towards it, The Magician bit my right hand forcing me to let go of him. Circling each other as we desperately sought to prevent ourselves from harm, the distant din of chanting reverberated from somewhere unknown. Bubbling like molten lava, the opening widened as we prepared to slip into another layer of reality. Grinning as we dissolved, the black holes of The Magicians eyes continued gazing into my soul. His lips parted revealing red, bloodstained teeth, I held my breath as our bodies were swallowed yet again. In a state of transformation in no physical place, we were unbecoming as the chanting grew louder and louder still. Seconds split like atoms, everything crunched together. And then we were born again.”

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