The Taste of Your Kiss


The waves take us down. They show us how to be real. Shiny like a song. Shining like the look of love as the leaves fell upon your restless head. Killing jars and journeys to the forest. Hand in hand as the afternoons escaped to god knows where. It’s in the pretty lines at the corners of your eyes. I’m a dull and witless boy. I’m a shadow drunk on something out of reach. Lost and found in the curse of nature. Blessed by the comfort of destruction. Smoking cigarettes whilst watching the stars fall from the sky. Always wrong. Never on the same page. Just a boy. Just a child in the shape of a man. I’m longing for a day when the sky carries me away. For a moment when the rules cease to be. Out of time with no consequences. If I could go back and mend those broken yesterdays, I would. If I could be your superhero, I’d do it in a heartbeat. But these days are just too far numb. Too many mistakes and too much grey. Take a photo of my guilty face. Hold me in your arms and deny tomorrow. The future wants for nothing. The pity of discarded words. Bake me a cake and nurse my hangover. Give me your faith when I’m crumbling for the thousandth time. Stick me back together again when I come apart at the seams. Floating on thin air, the garden thaws with the coming of spring. Teeth in my back, let me cast aside the tigers that haunt each and every night. Let me banish my demons. Let me scrape them off. Honest and free/ I was born to underachieve. Time to surrender. Time to own up. So many faces I’ve known. So many lips I’ve kissed. Truthful and in between, they make me feel older than the universe. Sadness on every street, it makes me sink like a heavy balloon. The way you looked the last time I saw you. You’ll never know it, but in that second you were the most beautiful woman ever to grace this planet of heartbreak and wine. In that infinite moment, you looped on repeat forever more. Always and never with me every step of the way. The insects and the animals. They praise your golden footsteps. Falling asleep and falling in love with the magic of discovery, you sunk into my heart. You cut me apart. Sullen. Mistaken. A caterwaul of sighs. A breathless kiss as the remnants of early sin comes back together again. Sleep with me. Sleep with the angels. Praise the great deceivers. Hail the fragile voices that speak of all things out of reach.

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