I’m taking a week off. Going on holiday in an aeroplane over the sea. Providing it doesn’t plunge into the sea, I’ll be back with you in about eight days or so (famous last words I know.) It’ll be my longest break from the blog, and the first time I wont have done any form of writing over several days for the best part of two years. But it’s much needed, and I need to add some colour to my pasty skin. And I need to swim. I haven’t been swimming in years. Stay beautiful, and strive to give yr’self some meaning each and every day x

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  1. How considerate of you to take a holiday at the same time as I! Although mine won’t be near as lengthy or exotic as I am not crossing any major body of water. Have lots of passionate, sweaty, aggressive sex then be sure to share so the rest of us can can continue to use it as fodder. And count to 60 as you ascend. Planes have time to recover from problems such as engine loss if they are high enough, generally 60 seconds after takeoff 😉

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