Inside of Me, The Night Will Last Forever



In pools of water beneath the stars, an innocent dies. With crucifixes clutched by figures covered with soil, the moon was my witness. There’s nothing that can’t be done. She knows it, as does the mob that wait for our approach. Summers spent alone with views of turbulent seas. Write this all down, and let it be known that I was in control the whole time. From the bar to my bed, she was in my hands like sand. Bending to my will, the night passed from my mouth to hers. Undressing in an orchid of concrete delight, she laid down and let me have her. Misery and madness dripping from one greedy tongue to another. We fucked through lust and little else. The damned tried catching us, but they faded in the light of the moon. Mementoes and souvenirs to tickle empty bellies. Through a blanket of cigarette smoke, my confession is unclear. Too many daydreams and not enough detail. They’ll never tie me down. The visions of my mind are far beyond their reach. Despite the heat of our embrace, this time tomorrow, I’ll be gone. Forever the same, yet changing in an instant. If this is a man, then there’s no going back. Early morning desperation is a thing of the past. The worries of others none of my concern. Inside of me, the night will last forever. It doesn’t matter if you’re not by my side. Others came before you, and others will follow. My path lies ahead through the woods, and these fingers that help to put the pieces into place are all I need. You can either stick around or slip away like driftwood. It’s a simple choice. It’s an easy answer.

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