all those greasy piggies and. cigarettes. overweight. stinking. deformed like sex in sunken nightclubs. drunk. vacant. her. here. there. teeth in maelstrom holes. vagina dentata. Hand jobs and solvent abuse. lights. flashing. hidden disease. covered faces. mouth. cancer. breasts. skin. flesh. genital warts. elephant man. 4f. tumour. pissing delinquent. humphrey bogart. expanding universes in her swollen. belly. nice dream. short skirt. mouthful. dreadful. slicked back. hair. cold. numb like. fingers. nails. pinched opaque skin. she drives. vertically. she whores. to those who adore. her easy. ways. sand. ribcages. plucked. sucked. typewriter mutilation. german. flaccid. celebrity tits. bits and pieces of. vulva. heat. killer. car crash trauma to the left fibula. zygomatic arch. rain. cops. necrosis. ice. starved. glasses. bra. flocks of birds. they gather together. like daughter. like mother. like father. not like son. always escaping. always never changing. keys beneath the. fog. gums. love. highland despair. tele. vision. death by instinct. erect nipples. bruised areolas. starcrossed anus. smokey. itches. twenty seven. from behind. from below. as above like tetanus. shots. like fluid in shortened bouts. always wet. forever drowning out of. sight. olden bricks. sleet. ice. together. whatever. 14. 30. 13. 23. tommy cooper. on stage heart attack. destiny a cheap. trick. riderless horses. women. churches. the written word. uterus. fallopian tubes. caves. echoes. slaves. captured souls. inverted trauma. migraines. engraved in. you. rotten teeth and polycystic. ovaries. frozen lakes. in. within. tiny massive. hands. investigate mass. sprinkled delusion. emphatic collision. destruct. fucked. cadence. breathed heavenly. bethany. shards of shards. shivering mess. collect. they feed me. pills. they come when i’m. asleep. nobody. ever. missed. no one. ever. kissed. not enough. time. and so many. naked. fears.

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