Human Puzzle

If there’s anything worse than needing to take a shit, and being unable to get things going, then it’s someone celebrating becoming another brick in the wall. A well paying job. Married with ectopic pregnancies. The dismal horrors of a good pay check for doing nothing other than following a ghastly design of respectable life. Give your boyfriend head, and make him feel in control. Suckle your girlfriends breasts, and tell her she’s beautiful. Repeat and mirrored, up and down all over this dim, plastic, land of the dead. Ain’t no heaven or hell, just an illness of desperate minds. Be kind without wanting reward. Show compassion knowing that the same might never be shown to you. The joy of life is to put a smile on someone’s face for no other reason than wanting them to be happy. The freaks and geeks are the ones worth saving. Celebrities and bacteria showing little difference. Popular Mr and Mrs ready for drowning and never to be missed. If you know someone who wants you to fit in, then sever all ties as quick as you can. If you know a lover who wants you to become like others, then leave them behind and never look back. We’re worth more than that, and no amount of loneliness can thwart the values we hold dear. Remember the first kisses, and keep them safe in old jam jars. Preserve old pieces of clothing smeared with the scent of distant lovers. Relieve those moments, but never go back. Flirt with what you like, but always resist the cold comfort of the in between. The likes of us were never meant to feel this way, we were born to roam and roam alone. Sunlight caressing our fading shadows, there’s no place we’d rather be than outside dismal society. So let’s get drunk as shooting stars illuminate our paths, oh so tricky and obscure but nothing more than a test of endurance. Take a shower, take off that dress. Do it the other way around, do it until you lose the feelings in both arms and legs. Fingers on your chin, and the touch of what lies within. It could be evil, or it could be love. Maybe both, only tomorrow knows.

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