Coyote eyes as he stalks the luminous ground. Girl undressing, she’s pert and concerned. White. Prescription drugs. A carjacking with bullets galore. Cocaine nights, and rivers of alcohol that drown stray cats. Carbon friends down stairwells. Abandoned high-rise. She turns sideways causing me to lick my lips. The shape of her breasts, like crescent moons against a sky blacker than the Bible. The horrors of echoes, of drifting through traffic not knowing where the next hit comes from. Junk food and trash. Caves where painters go to die. They smear ideas on piss stained walls as if Jackson Pollock still had meaning. They gather around galleries as if death were just an idea. Teeth gleaming as the gun in your pocket reminds me of last night’s fuck, put your foot down and try escaping your guilt. Speed to those faraway safe havens as the scent of who you are clings like the scratches across your skinny back. Carved like meat. As easy as pornography. Light bulbs. Droplets of stomach acid on the carpet leading to the bathroom. No such thing as an accident. No way of telling where this will end. She puts on her lipstick while I watch. She teases surreal as the floorboards tremble beneath her feet. From bars to hives to derelict valentines. There’s only you and the ocean, arm in arm like mother and daughter. There’s only space, the space between us. And there’s only hell. The hell inside my head. Static sister so irregular. Dawn. Twilight. Things lost, and then reclaimed. Listen to Larks’ Tongues in Aspic, and find me coming apart with buzzing insects. Repellent spray like perfume, or maybe it’s the other way around. See the forests and sing my name. Nocturnal lovers, haunted by all those moments of truth like leaves down a storm drain. Like kisses buried in forgotten cemeteries.

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  1. “a sky blacker than the bible” – oh my goodness. let me take a vacation inside your imaginarium please. you have an inimitable way with words. such lush imagery – often violent and verging on controversial. a stunning piece of writing. you HAVE to put these all out in a book. sign my copy please 🙂

    • If it ever happens, I’ll be sure to sign you a copy, deal! Really though, thank you for your words of encouragement, it does mean a lot to me, honestly. Knowing that you enjoy my blogs, and that they have such an impact on you, constantly drives me forwards. Sometimes I wonder if what I’m doing is any good, but when someone such as yourself gives me praise like that, well, it’s all I need x

      • your writing reminds me of the kind of writing i enjoy reading. Bukowski, Fante, Hunter S, Burroughs… i like the dark. never been afraid of it. your words are always perfect.

      • That you enjoy my writing, and don’t find fault with my words, is an honour. I’m a big fan of Bukowski and Fante especially, they always give me inspiration every time I read them. I’m halfway through a new book of Bukowksi’s at the moment. It’s a collection of letters concerning his thoughts about the act of writing. Very insightful if you haven’t come across it yourself x

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