Cunt cunt. The thrill of fantasy as you straddle me while hissing like a snake. Merging on the freeway, the threat of extinction causes our bodies to swell in neon sunlight. Burning wheels and hostages. Tyres around their necks, and the taste of your mouth as I part the hair that covers your black’d out eyes. On the shore at the end of the world, give yourself to me completely. Draw a door at the foot of your bed, and seek me in fractured reality. Strangled lovers cast adrift by a flood of sunken memory. Hands around their torsos. Fingers creeping deeper always deeper. Naked and bathed in sand. Future devils that see what you look like inside while peeling back the layers of guilt and lies. The surface of death machines. The flies that swarm around our passing from one place to the next. Pinching nipples while swallowing lungfuls of smoke, the blood pumps quicker as my words rapidly infect. Eat my disease, and stuff the culture you worship into any hole you desire. Regulators no more, we gag on alters of plastic faith. Stitch your illness up my spine. Take me to the backroom, and slice away my indecision. Wrap the knives in plastic bags and shut your mouth. Keep silent like the colours of a sandstorm as it erases us from view. Prise off a fingernail for good luck, and kiss me like you mean it. Don’t let me go. Fill me with shapes that take me away from the clutches of death. Impaled. Beheaded. Burnt. The landscape kills, as do the insects that swarm in droves. Everything bubbling. Everything ravaged. Visceral tongues as you scratch my chest, and ribs breaking like branches. Like strands of thought as you dance to the sounds of pitchforks striking wood. Sepulchres on your upper lip, the one I suck with one hand up your skirt. Madness as we do our thing. Stuttering sluts as we evaporate all doubt that comes between us. Give me the anecdote. Stick it in, and watch as I unravel.

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  1. One of my favorite swear words is cunt so obviously I approve, though with an Anglo accent, American’s think I swear far more than I do, every time I say ‘can’t’

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