Abstract Daddy



Perched on the edge of the bed, there’s no line between where I end, and you begin. Only I never end, not really. A dream upon waking that never leaves, there’s no substance to what I am. I’m void of flesh and bone. I’m everything where there should be nothing. A black hole. An abyss of chewed up memories, dead yesterdays, and endless fields of dying flowers. There’s no sun about me, and upon my tongue words never roll. In the hours where darkness reigns, I slip into your body. Between the sheets, I’m a bad machine. And I’ll never stop, for as long as you want me, I’ll keep on doing what I do. Caressing necks and kissing eyelids, I pluck needles from the base of your spine. Drinking wine, my fingers trace their way back to the source. The waters of our birth, contained in the cradle of life and death. Spreading layers and tasting saliva, there’s something between us that can never be broken. Something untold and forgotten. Something brighter than any sun. I can’t remember it for the life of me, but it’s there, permanent and true. Linking fingers and disappearing, I’m haunting the dreams that flower within your head. From the city to the sea, from buildings to the shore. Through the woods where the animals dance to the moors where dead children play, I’m haunting you without end. I’m your shadow in the dark, a lover where there’s no love. As you move with emptiness all around, I’m stalking the ground by your side. Across the rivers and above the trees, through the lonely streets where memory and silence go hand in hand, to the parking lots where love has long since passed. In every town up and down the land. The world is drowning in melancholy; it suffocates all. Everything that ever was and will ever be is born drenched in it. It’s an inescapable part of life. But to me, it’s a beautiful thing. Sorrow so dazzling, it drives me wild. It makes my soul complete, and the way you wear it, it’s almost too much for me to bear. You seduce me with it, pulling me in and never letting go. That’s how you found me, all those years long since gone. And here I am, still merging with you whenever I please and hanging onto your every move. Sat on the edge of the bed with the moon shining through the window, my hands caress your glorious bones. With everything quiet except the beating of your fragile heart, I finish my cigarette before taking you again like it’s our very first time.

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      • Clearly you should bro. You a great writer and I really dig your stuff.
        Maybe you should institute naked Mondays. Get your wang out and it may lighten the mood occasionally.
        Works for me and I’m a moody son of a bitch at the best of times.

      • Thank you, I really appreciate your kindness. Makes me feel spirited.
        Naked Mondays could work. I do think I need to have one chill out day a week where I make room for more positive thoughts. Would be most welcome.
        Not to mention cooling to the ol’ bones.

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