Thursday Afternoon



Evening star as the streets call us home. Barely existing, yet alive in each other’s arms. There’s a time to be silent. In the middle of a storm when the town turns its back on us, and when those around are lost in the need to breathe. Captured in a single photograph, a girl not just against the town, but against the world. The wind tells us to be calm. Songs of quiet acts, following the footsteps of a boy sinking in fresh snow. Journals that were never written, now at last seeing the light of day. Summoned love, and the heartbreak of every drop of ice as it melts on outstretched hands. To come face to face with the past, and to embrace all that you see. Buried feelings just won’t do, and nor will blind faith in a future that doesn’t exist. Get back to where you belong, and write yourself a path to where you want to be. In a field where summer never knew, she did her best to shield herself from the lens of my camera. She turned this way and that, but, in the end, I managed to capture a sidewise glance. Others came and went. The days darkened. Life goes on, yet the seeds of my rebirth lie within her hidden gaze. Somewhere out there, the taste of magic dances with empty carrier bags and the leaves that once sheltered me from the rain. Always picking at old wounds, for those will always bring back the days before self-doubt took away my voice. The more they bleed, the more you feel. Unanswered truths will haunt no longer, and the tenderness of what once was will never be forgotten. You can’t keep running, and nor can you live in the past. Stand still and reflect. Explore what it all means, and then put it down on paper. A journal for damned lovers, and a way of laying things to rest. There’s so much beauty that gets cast aside because we get scared of appearing weak. So much of what makes us who we are banished out of the need to appear strong. One chance is all we get. Once chance to document our lives, and to shine in the glow of all that we have loved. Those delicate memories that linger just out of view. Don’t destroy them. Remember where you came from, and above all, keep hold of every memory. They won’t be here forever, and nor will you.

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