Innocent as You Sleep



Strange music as her diet of sunlight leaves me feeling empty. Breast cancer for beginners. I’m doing the best I can; only there comes a point when my best isn’t good enough. Drinking tea while sat in the garden wishing for a tsunami to wipe us all away. No words, for words just don’t seem to cut it. Communication pales in the face of such pointless endeavours. Negative space between my fingers and the bandages around her wrists. Stumbling to the local store, I buy enough alcohol to drown a sea of fears. A Broken girl so frail yet still dancing behind closed eyes. In a drunken stupor, I fall asleep in the kitchen while she drowns in the upstairs bath. Waking drenched in sweat, I turn to find her safe by my side. Pacing in the dark, the early hours bring no catharsis. They offer no hope. Parting the hair on her head, I imagine her on the end of a pier. Head eclipsed by the sun; she’s free like the birds. The essence of the girl inside, as yellow as the dress that wraps around her slender hips. That poor heart doomed to suffer before she even breathed her first. Born into a mess of human debris, with every day more broken than the last. In subways, she runs. On trains, she gazes into the night not knowing where safety will come from next. Too many that offered nothing more than a cheap excuse for bodies to collide. More destruction, and more reasons to never turn back. So innocent as you sleep, I pull the covers up to keep you warm. Silence and snowstorms as your truth drifts from street to street with no one to marvel in its light. No one save for me. I’ll be waiting whatever, and even when the sky falls in, they’ll be no stopping my attempts at keeping you safe.

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  1. Obviously it’s ridiculous picking anything out because it’s *all* so good but I just love this one: “Silence and snowstorms as your truth drifts from street to street with no one to marvel in its light.” x

      • I’m just worried I’m going to start sounding like a demented kind of groupie soon 😉
        But you know what? I really don’t give a f**k, your words blow my mind and that’s all there is to it x

      • No, never demented! Your kindness is all I could ask for. I’m more than thrilled that you enjoy my words, I really am. The greatest gift to me is knowing that you enjoy my writing. It gives me the desire to keep on writing even when I don’t feel like it x

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