Cat Woman



She stripped me naked as night came calling. Shadows everywhere save for between our bodies, the songs of childhood hallucinations could be tasted upon bare lips. Flooded subways as we shifted from one place to the next, she had the golden touch as somewhere nearby a car crashed into a launderette before bursting into flames. Images of swans as her fingers brought me to the brink of extinction. Days of blankets and snow as riderless horses galloped around us as the stars in the sky burned no longer. Her body a vortex. A mirror of shattered desires. Her smile in a gust of leaves. Her scent in absent thought. Lovers always drifting, never saying what needs to be said. The memory of hungry hands tearing off some city dress then tossing it to the floor. Curled together against the world with the notion of tomorrow rendered meaningless. Timeless scratches on pale flesh. Soundless words spoken so delicately. Autumnal fears no longer as the grass grows long, depression just a glimmer in half-shut eyes. The gaze of two knowing souls, dancing in a landscape of stupid faces. Ears chewed like stalks of corn, with wine flowing without fear. Paint me a picture of something else. Write me a poem to ward off the demons when you’re not around. Tell me a story that can never be true, and show me a glimpse of the future where our pasts will haunt forever. Inhale. Exhale. Elation. Despair. Secrets in backwards thinking. Trace those steps, and get back to where you need to be. Violate my apathy. Cut my defence to pieces, and smash apart those barriers. Hands around your waist while throwing you down upon the duvet. As nude as you need to be. Lust stained like a Van Gogh portrait. Exploding myths on the nape of your neck. Swimming in oil, and trembling as the days know no end. Swallow. Wriggle. Cat girl so innocent as you prowl at the edge of the bed. Invisible journies as you place kisses on my belly. Bending this way and that, half uncut by fragments of nude reflections. Take off that bra. Hold that pose. Do it again, and breath us back to the beginning. Breathe us back to life.

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