Waking with a hangover, then spending the entire day in bed. It’s calm outside, and as the sun fades, my body repairs itself at last. An evening of beer and shots did this to me. Blurred faces and fragments of conversation litter my mind, and as the duvet protects me from dying light, tenderness is found behind weary eyes. Her body so memorizing whilst whispering secrets that others couldn’t hear. It’s in the shadows that caught me off guard as we stood outside exhaling smoke. It’s in the way the lunatics skirted around us unseen, always ready to attack. Pissing with every drink, and howling to the moon. Those nights that live on despite the inevitable heartbreak that follows. It always falls down, yet for those brief hours when everything feels okay, it makes it worthwhile. Stumbling around hungry and nauseas. Watching dreadful horror movies wishing my headache away. Aspirin works, but only to an extent. Thoughts of that dress she was wearing take me to sleep, only for restless hands to disperse such imagery. It’s not summer, it’s autumn, and autumn always brings the lovers. In the fall of endless days, they cling to hold off the death throes of yet another year.

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