She’s In And Within



Sleeping against the world, I open my eyes and feel her close by. Sat on the bedroom floor putting on her make-up, she’s smiling while bathed in morning sunlight. It’s the kind that looks so joyful yet forces you to curl up beneath the sheets for warmth. Looking up at me as I watch, I want to take her. Want to lay her down on the bed and make her mine again. The idea of her being with another angers me, and yet it makes me want her even more, to prove that I’m the only man she’ll ever need. There’s something about her that gets under my skin. Something that ignites me- that drives like no other. She infects with love and rage. With desire and lust. Just spending a single night with her makes me feel alive for the first time in years. She makes me want to peel back my flesh and show my bones, for my bones are hers and hers alone. Others come and go, but I’ll always call her home. Maybe it’s in her smile, or in the truth she wears unashamedly like a perfume. Laying there at night with the lights off, words populate the darkness. Her face barely visible, the scent of her body makes me feel calm. It takes hold, just like it always did. I can’t describe how she renders me dumb by just existing. Even when she’s with another, I can’t help but crave her. In her, I taste everything. Forbidden fruits and God. Wonders of the unknown, and the dangers that lurk in the unseen corners of my mind. She’s no myth, though, no work of art waiting to be studied. She’s just a girl. She’s nothing but herself, and that’s what gets you. What pulls you in and won’t let go. And when she pulls you close, the only thing to do is to take her in your arms. To place your lips upon hers, and feed her with your kiss. The taste of her mouth makes your soul dance with delight. It makes you hard, and as she sighs, you know it’s exactly what she wants. The weight of half the world is gone, and as her body blossoms beneath your touch, the act begins once more. With others it’s cheap, it has no meaning. But with her, it’s all there ever is. The intimacy between us is all consuming. The passion impossible to deny. As she lays there like she’s done a thousand times before, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be, and beyond the walls of doubt, she’s all I’ll ever need. She completes me in a way no one else can. I hate her for it, but it’s the inevitable fact I can’t escape from. Looking at her clothes and possessions spread all over the floor, I forget how such a sight was once so familiar. The physical traces she leaves behind are fine, but the mental ones are something else. She’s in and within, her smile spreading across the palms of my hands as she draws me close once more.

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  1. Is it that the man is in deep love with her or is it he is overly obsessed with her? Sometimes I can’t tell the difference especially when I’m just beginning to love someone, it’s like I want to give my whole being to the person although my brain keeps telling me it’s not healthy!! Haha! Thank you for such a great piece. I don’t know how you managed to dig out the emotions of yourself to write such an emotional provoking piece.

    • Thank you for those words, I’ll hold them close for a very long time. I think love and obsession go hand in hand. There’s a very thin line separating the two. In fact, sometimes I don’t think there’s any line there at all. Speaking from experience, to love someone is always a dangerous game x

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