A Drunken Kiss



Exotic pain as you sway on the pavement. Twisting this way and that like a cat, I wrap my arms around you as bombs drop in the distance. Those blood red gums of yours. Those big brown eyes reflecting the lights of passing cars. Such a sweet dreamer as the weight of the world rolls off my shoulders. Everything shining, the planets circle your hips as my fingers cradle the back of your lulling head. Fire and wine, from my mouth to yours as the snakes of this dying town slither into the shadows. If you stay still for just a second, I’ll do my best to capture your beauty. In black ink to match your soul, I’ll catch you just like you captured me. Such small bare feet splashing in rainwater. Such a carefree smile as the night sky echoes the loneliness of death, only when I’m with you, there’s nothing to fear. Tomorrow is a distant hangover we’ll never have to face. The same old places seen in a different way, and those pieces of a puzzle they’ll never understand. Drunken footsteps as you raise your arms to the storm, those lips of yours glisten as we dance on the brink of oblivion. Feels like somewhere we’ve been before. That dress as I spin in circles in the middle of the road; that laugh as my legs buckle causing me to fall on my back. Moving on top of me as the windows of all the broken buildings watch our display, you exist wherever you want, and as the cigarette drops from my fingers, you swim within every memory. Electricity. Faith in our embrace, the kind we’ll never know again. And as the sky falls one last time, we kiss to starve off the end.

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