Sunshine. Wave upon wave. The beating of drums and the way her legs invite me in. She dances with the hush of galaxies swirling behind brown eyes. Times hand can’t catch me while she breathes so easily. There’s no fear, only two bodies sparkling in the majesty of all that will never be known. And all that majesty, swimming in her belly as my hands caress her hips. Against the rest, we deny tomorrow. Tracing patterns on the inside of her thigh, like snakes, we slither in the water as birds sing their songs from above. In the trees, they watch us as we forget. Sweetness, she gives me all that I need. Kisses like butterflies on the summer breeze. My fingers teasing, she gasps something cute.These days, they drip like honey and taste of exotic wine. It’s in the fabric of her dress hanging on the back of the door. Flowers blossoming with such vitality, as night falls outside, the wind stirs all those ghosts. They try to haunt me; to sink in their nasty teeth, but, this time, I won’t let them. In the past, I welcomed them with open arms. But now I’ve grown tired, and it’s time to cut them loose. Leave the dead and damned where they belong. That’s all that you can do. Open up your chest, and let your soul see all that it longs to see. It’s the only way there is. The only real path. Clouds disperse. Wind chimes and anticipation. Bubbling away, our pleasures can’t be contained. Eyebrows and belly buttons. The way her hair covers her face while she sleeps. The way she opens herself up. Playing games, she dissolves flesh and melts minds. Captivated, I lay down and watch in awe as the mysteries of life flicker before my eyes. Songbirds and lullabies, echoing along the lane where truth sometimes passes. Green fields and cherry trees with branches shooting up into the ocean blue sky. Bursting with creation, they move with the grace of God. Dive into whatever cries your name. Destroy every atom that doesn’t believe in what you feel inside. Moving wheels and lovers, circling the edges of something quite fantastic.Β Shared between two beating hearts in frenzied, perpetual dreams.

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