Take You Down


Young girl slipping between the cracks in the pavement as my mouth tastes the dead air and likes it. Sleepless sighs as she curls in my arms as somewhere in the future, shrieking sirens bring us closer. Drunk on words, and drunk on thoughts that never diminish despite the years and faces that try their best to derail such blind faith. Mouths and skinny wrists. Despair and stress to a chorus of changing bodies that collect drops of dew in the dire morning light. Cold so cold with only empty roads to keep you company. Defeated every day to the tune of all that’s casually dying, only there’s something that keeps you from giving in. So many stupid ideas. So many careless actions as alcohol and madness rule with an iron fist. There’s not much to say, only keep on fucking up. Keep on making a mess of things. Ruin it all, for one day, when you’re finally ready, everything will fall into place, and that childlike smile will return to your lips just when you thought it had vanished forever. Smoke and storms. Love and lullabies. Daisy chains around your ankles as my hands reach up and take you down, with beads of sweat to make us stick together once again.

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