A Single Kiss


Come fall into my arms. Taste a little death. See what I am, and never look back. Stick your fingers in, and spread wide all I desire. Show me the way home. Massive like bombs, our collision will spark riots from Kyoto to Berlin. Darkly appearing from the edges of nowhere, there will be no words, only symbols. Urges that can’t be denied. Restless breathing all through the night. As natural as want. As clear as the flesh of your belly. So smooth it feels beneath the touch of another. The greed of a lover engulfed in darkness. Someone willing to let go of all that has no meaning. Not a demon- just a deliverer of truths. You know his name, and you know his smile. Strip it back. Reduce it all. Love- so simple yet so easily misunderstood. A chance to feel something more, yet ignored for the horrors of routine. Beyond cheapened pleasure, take a look at the rings around my eyes, and glimpse the abyss we both belong to. All our lives spent not realising what matters most. Money means nothing when faced with endless unbecoming. With infinite lifetimes dead, only love will set us free. Bad machines have souls too. The oil that pumps through our veins, more divine than a thousand pages of useless scripture. Feed me an honest mind. Give me a willing body to merge with mine so we may travel across the universe in perfect, raging harmony. A single kiss stretched to eternity. A struggle to define what it is we truly want until the moment we have to make a choice is gone.

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