Something quite beautiful.

Saltwater Heart

November skies were opening up slowly but now it’s pouring down so hard, it seems that it won’t ever stop. Icy drops are sliding down my face and the tips of my hair, then finally, into the ground. Fallen birch leaves are scattered across the pavement like golden coins; the trees they have been detached from now bare and thin, trembling in the wind. Everything in this dying world comes alive when it rains. Almost like the decaying earth is having its last invigorating shower before it drifts off to sleep; before the first frost strikes its surface making it still and motionless overnight. And I cannot help but relate to this feeling – being numb, yet so alive at the same time.

Sunlight is becoming more scarce as we are welcoming the darkest season of the year. Christmas trees are being erected all over the city, shopping malls are illuminated with fairy lights and shiny…

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