It’ll take us in the end, and no amount of pretending will ever change it. We lose ourselves in fleeting moments, in distractions, and yet permanence is all we will ever know. In a thousand years, all traces of our existence will have turned to dust. All our passions and desires, gone. Every memory and sensation- lost in the maelstrom of time. We exist in a heartbeat, and then it’s over. We occupy our lives with trivialities. We cling to junk; to all that has no meaning. Maybe it helps us pretend. Maybe we want to enjoy the simple pleasures that don’t remind us of how small we really are. I don’t belong here; I’ve known that since the start, yet it doesn’t stop me from wanting to experience the only thing that separates us from the nothingness just waiting to say hello. That four letter word. That cheapened element that everyone clings to yet so little understand. It costs nothing. It holds no price tag. So why do so many use it as a tool? Why do they wave it like a flag? It’s not a victory march; it’s something that destroys science. We are animals, and yet we possess magic the likes of which might not be found anywhere else. The infinite tide of the universe- how it sweeps us away as we busy ourselves with anything other than understanding the beauty of something more powerful than a supernova.

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