I Will



Sketches of a nervous breakdown, and the taste of your mouth as you spit out a cigarette. I don’t want to write, I want to go to sleep instead. To forget about every little thing as your image flickers behind my eyes. To let madness take over and watch in awe as it drives me into another frenzy. I want to capture your essence and snuff you out; I want to worship your beauty and drown you in the same breath. Wrap your arms around me as I fill your pockets with stones. Let me push you under and know I did it all in the name of love. Let the sky witness our dance; make it tremble at the sight of our fury. No room for comfortable conversation with my teeth against your neck and your clothes tossed to the bedroom floor. History has no place for niceties; it demands every ounce of shame and passion it can get its hands on. So look me in the eye and let it all out. Scratch my face and curse every atom in my body. So many times when these emotions should’ve been revered not buried. So many times these feelings should’ve been put on a pedestal yet we kept them under lock and key. If you let me, then I will. I’ll get under your skin like a disease; like a bad dream you just can’t shake. Take my hand, and watch as the world around us burns out of control. Match my vision of what our love should be, and I’ll never look at another until we turn to dust. Eternity so breathless, in every ounce of these flames that rage only for you.

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