Without love and lust, we’re just dead in the water. Without passion, we may as well give up. These days of chaos, they beg for all the lonely lovers of the world to unite; they yearn for the touch of all those with hidden fire in their hearts to say what they mean to say. Together, we can burn out of control. In each others arms, we can experience something much more than just life. We can touch upon experiences, far out of reach of those who live with minds wide closed. Seek something more. Demand magic every second of the day. Beg for wonder, with every breath you take. Love will tear us apart, but it won’t hurt, not at all. It will take us far away from drudgery, and far from the dirge that others surrender to with ease. Be dangerous, and lose your mind. You’ll gain a soul in return, and they’ll be no looking back. Through the thick and thin, fate will give us what we want. So dazzling and mysterious with the light of a billion dead stars illuminating our skin. The machines of god, gasping for air when the poetry of our lives becomes just too much to take. Cellardoor. A chance to move forwards, to a plain that shimmers something wild and obscure.

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