Blistered Mirrors



Chewing the fat, I was caught between idol gossip and perverse fantasy when she found my lazy eye. Searching for things I had no interest in, she appeared timid, and yet her gaze told me there was enough spirit in that chest of hers to mutilate a thousand faces. There’s another whose hips comes to mind, but we have nothing in common. Still, I’m just a man, whatever that is. Drinking beer, buildings fall in Taiwan. The image of all those bodies crushed beneath layers of rubble reminds me of how I used to suffocate you; how I’d pump away even though my legs had gone numb. So cheap I know, but despite my best efforts to rise above it, I can’t help but go swimming in filthy seas. Somewhere in the distance, in a place where insects writhe in time to atrocious music, the future chokes itself. Most take pictures, but these days I prefer to watch from a distance while having a quiet smoke. Such a dirty habit I know, but so is breathing. Come close, and tell me how you want it. Let me know how it makes you feel as my eyes strip away what you wear until you’re nothing but dust. I want you to be my zero; with all the passion in my veins, I need you to bend to my will and do as I say. Let me break you, and you can have the rest. Read my words. Embrace the bomb. Serenade all exits. The years come and go, and they make me sad, but writing brings me what memory can’t. The days crumble but these visions make me stronger. The Zika virus. The Mexican cartel. All kinds of exotic butchery as you rub your belly next to mine. It’s in the colour of your toenails and how the incessant voices in my head give me no time to rest. From the cold streets where we found love to the bedsheets stained with last night’s lust- there’s a feeling in me that never fails to take hold.

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