To Be A Writer



Words not to impress, or to undress, but to starve off annihilation. If you claim to be a writer, but writing isn’t your lifeblood, then give up. Go work in a bank, or paint pictures of fruit instead. It should be a matter of life and death every time you sit down and bleed out. If you go a single day without putting pen to paper, you should be on the verge of imploding. Writers that don’t write are like black holes- lifeless and doomed to forever rage in the abyss. The need- the hunger- to communicate is more than obsession; it’s akin to breathing. If it doesn’t happen, then death soon holds sway. Creation. Sex. Each letter of the alphabet, tools to nail every emotion and passion that ever flowed through your veins. Hope. Fear. The smile on a loved ones face. The scent of their flesh as you laid together looking up at the stars one summer’s evening. Humans as beauty, and humans as evil. Life is a kiss. Life is a knife fight. The science of feeling. The love of what it is to exist as a spec of dust that knows what it is to fear tomorrow. Each word is holy- a testament to how much it means to succeed when failure seems so imminent. There should be an ocean of wonder in every sentence. Anything less just won’t do. Those that don’t write have never experienced what it feels like to surf the waves that ride so readily between joy and despair. Those that have never lost themselves in the magic of self-expression have never lived. Storytelling as aย stairway that bypasses logic. Writing to fuel the need to escape from the misery of a synthetic world that grows colder by the day. Words as bullets, and words as relics of a journey into the heart of madness.

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  1. Perfectly describes the sensations I feel everyday, but they also tie in to or are born out of the world around me, especially in academia. I was reading up on Jack Spicer, and I cannot say yet what I think about it him, however I found it interesting that he felt he was dictating poetry versus creating it from self expression. Many imply or state that poetry and writing just come “bursting” out, and any other process does not produce poetry as genuine or energetic. It is definitely a science, which is why people like Charles Olson looked at poetry as work, the page is the field. I started writing again this year, so I am no expert, but I feel that the way you’ve described “being a writer” is 100% authentic and separates those who mimic and those who enact and live it. I also think it could be expanded upon. Looking forward to more! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Contextually ‘To be a Writer’ is damn pretty often an experience ‘we all’ made, or are about to make. I liked that. Some format for improved readability would be fine, as I read it as a mere block-text. No challenge meant with it though.

    I don’t know why you took the subtitle ‘A Journal For Damned Lovers’ for your page, but I ain’t challenging that there is a reason for it either. The loudmouth in me would just sneer that your only damnation was the decision to grow that beard! (It lengthens your face, lacks culling, and spoils symmetry).

    I am not an expert on relationships or poetry about love & sex. Still I remember an ecard, in that context of male – female emotional outrages stating:

    “You the Devil and I your Demon – Eternally bound by the chains of Death. Know this: There is honor among thieves, and there IS love among the Damned.”

    My only poetry adding-up to that was a mere Haiku-Myku:

    Inverted Pentagram Haiku
    ยฉ Andrรจ M. Pietroschek, all rights reserved

    Hellborn mind infesting,
    Egomania’s vengeance,
    Spellbound to violation!

    Wherein ‘egomania’ is what spoils the relationship with the woman, and ‘violation’ is the arrival of consequences which teach us we spoiled aka lost something which keeps us hurting for, at least, a while. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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