Inside her belly, there are three thousand tiny dolphins that swim so ferociously that they tickle her to the brink of orgasm whenever the urge takes hold. When the moment arrives, she sighs with her mouth wide open and drops to her knees as I inspect the cuts that run the length of her arms. Removing my clothes, this body of mine has seen better days, but the soul is king, and despite my fading appearence, it’s all that matters. She thinks she’s the center of the universe, and in many ways she is. We’re all just bags of bones, so disposable and thin, and yet in each one of us burns love and desire. We crave what we crave, and for a few seconds out of an infinite number that are lost to us all, we contain the essence of God. Life. Death. Creation. Bliss. So many elements that contain the mysteries that drive us to search for what we know will never be found. We know we will lose, but we keep going. It brings me to laughter, and as she falls back on the mattress sucking empty mouthfuls of air, there’s little I can do but leave her to it. Pouring a drink, I knock one out watching some property program on the TV in the kitchen. The presenter is blonde, curvy. A bit trashy. But she turns me on nonetheless and I do my thing. Wiping myself on a tea towel and chucking it into the bin soon after, I decide to go out for a smoke. Peeking into the bedroom, she’s working herself into a frenzy; eyes rolled back and crying at the majesty of what she sees in that fucked up skull of hers, I call her name but she doesn’t respond. Sepia skies awaiting me as I descend the stairwell to the street outside, people pass me by but they might as well be invisible. With thunder rolling in the distance, as she reaches climax and her screams come to me through the open window, a flash of lightening burns itself into my retinas. Electricity passing between us, the night knows our fears, and when we come together again, there are no kisses, only bite marks on thighs as sleep flirts beyond curtains that ripple for hours on end as we cling for dear life.

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  1. I think this is one of my favourites from you. I don’t know if I can pinpoint why, I loved the opening lines and the image of the dolphins in a belly, but I also loved the way you move from one image into another. It just read like a very vivid, but at the same time threatening (don’t know if this is the correct description for my feelings) symphonies, with high and low tones flirting with each other.

    • Ooh, I love that description, thank you! I’m thrilled you enjoyed this piece. It begun as a memory, and then I added a little artistic licence to give it that edge. I understand you saying it feels slightly threatening; I think sex should always conjure those type of feelings. Thank you for your words, they mean a lot to me X

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