Dead Womb



Junky boy-man in the toilet of an aeroplane sticking needles into the left of his testicle- the one with the cyst in it. The last time I saw her, she’d said she wanted me to come all over her. Even the face? Especially the face. So I did as I was told and spread it good and proper making her lick clean the end of my cock for good measure. Shaking my head as strange sensations explode at the base of my skull, the handle of the door shifts as I try grabbing hold of it. If there’s too much methane in the air, the whole fucking thing will drop dead weight just like her dead womb, and in a matter of seconds, we’ll plunge into the ocean and sink beneath the waves. Escaping the cubical, there are lovers scattered about clutching one another fearful of meeting their maker, and the very sight of them is enough to induce enough nausea in me to wipe out a nation of inbreeders. I’m surprised they’re not taking their final selfies while they’re at it as well- one last chance to whore themselves when faced with no more tomorrows. Some Latino in a pink dress is screaming, and when she sees the needle in my hand, she screams some more before fainting. I imagine how many men she’s been with and conclude it’s not as many as one of my ex’s. Stepping over her comatose body, some guy is in the process of wetting himself while curled into a ball beneath one of the oval windows. Taking the plastic knife from someone’s plate of boiled potatoes, I attempt to stab him but the knife just snaps on impact. Feeling the white horses rushing through collapsed veins, my body jolts as if on the brink of orgasm and the oxygen in my blood thins causing it to trickle from my nostrils. Spilling down my shirt, I briefly pass out. When my eyes see the light once more, there’s a plague of monkeys jumping up and down attacking people while they prepare for the end. One is even assaulting the dumb Latino by lifting up her skirt and picking away with its monkey paws. On my knees in the middle of the aisle, I think of the girl I work with who I’ve held back from approaching for so long. To think of how it would feel with her legs wrapped around my face; to imagine both her feet arched and her little toes pointing to the ceiling as I eat her out to the sounds of Brahms. Such divinity in this mortal coil. Such pleasures to be found in the vessels of those so damned. Falling from the blackened sky, I scream her name as one by one the atoms in my body blink themselves out of existence.

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