Dark Mistress



Sat in the garden while my pale flesh burns beneath the watchful eye of the sun, a tiny dinosaur with wings lands on the table I’m resting my feet upon. It looks at me unsure of what I am, so in an act of good faith, I toss him the crusts of my sandwich. As he flies away with his culinary treasure clamped within its beak, I think of the girl I met the previous night. She appeared European. Maybe Turkish? Latvian? Whatever. She was a brunette with these big brown eyes so knowing and sincere. Against those that reside in the gutter, she glowed divine as if made by the hand of Dionysus himself. If the rest are puke, then she’s honey- honey on vanilla ice cream consumed down darkened Venetian streets while drunk and in love with the world. She had a tight body, but it didn’t interest me much, it was more about what was going on behind those eyes. That almost-there smile, too. A mixture of shyness and modesty so enduring it made me go to bed dreaming of holding her in my arms. No perversion this time, only stillness. As others whore themselves because they know no other way, she resorts only to the lightness of invisible touch. Thumbing through the pages of my book, the throbbing in my head causes me to curse no one in particular. The guy next door thinks it’s aimed at him and apologises for interrupting my peace while he repairs his broken fence. Collapsed from last month’s winds, it reminds me of the old fence in my grandfather’s house, and how he used to spend so many afternoons attaching random pieces of wood to stop it from falling. I wonder what became of it, and if anyone else remembers such things apart from me. My feathered friend reappearing for more food, I lean back in my chair and picture myself on a beach somewhere in the south of England. It’s a private beach, however, so there’s no scum to bother me with the tedium of their tedious existences. Drinking wine and smoking fine cigars, I’ll be listening to the far away sounds of bombs destroying every last inch of London, and as the night sky dances with violence and the ecstasy of severed ties, my dark mistress will emerge from the ocean and hold me close as we crumble in the light of a new age.

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  1. I love this so much. ‘Tiny dinosaur with wings’ so sweet. ‘honey on vanilla ice cream consumed down darkened Venetian streets while drunk and in love with the world’
    Just so beautiful! 🙂

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