Some Kind of Wizard



A Japanese girl with a soft and shapely bosom slides her fingers in. Watching but pretending I’m not, she spreads herself as my tongue glides over my cracked lower lip. Her pubic hair is a forest, just like the one where the animals play. They continue after all these years of neglect, and although lovers come and go much the same as my dreams, the animals remain as they were back when I was painting and in love with a hippy. Somewhere nearby, a Brazillian man wearing a hideous tracksuit is sprawled on the ground with one of his hands missing. As he screams out in pain, blood pools on the asphalt in the shape of a fallopian tube. Speaking to a girl in a short skirt, I take a few steps back and admire her legs. They’re golden, and the more I look, the more I imagine those legs lifted high above her head and my balls smacking against the lips of her pussy. Oh, Stephen, you’re such pervert. Such a sleaze. Yeah, I guess, but so is everyone when no one else is looking. Sex doesn’t rule me as much as it used to, I mean, after all, we’re animals and nothing more, and although we’re told to worship attraction and stuff like that, it becomes boring all too quickly. But, y’know, now and again, when the moment presents itself, my eyes widen like they used to. When the right one flowers before me, this heart of mine beats its irregular beat. Is there love? Does it even mean what it’s supposed to mean? Years ago, I believed love would set me free, but now I don’t think it will. Maybe the right woman hasn’t come along, or maybe such a thing just doesn’t exist. So many tie themselves up through fear of being alone, and you can see it in their eyes whenever they come near. It’s not love; it’s just a little white lie they use to help them sleep. Give me something else. Give me someone who dances on the edge of despair without a care for what happens next. As the Brazillian man passes out and the girl with nice legs bends over to mop his brow, a tingling sensation stirs in my loins. Consuming me within a few seconds, the city swells until I’m lost within its night air.

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