It’s a Long Way Down



Fingers linked, the sun is cold yet playful. The streets are nameless, and yet she knows each and every one by heart. Time and space; how they rule my life, and yet it is she I worship, not some phantom in the sky or a design for life built around the egos of those with money and power. Coming to a halt as the time approaches noon, we close our eyes and kiss outside the fish and chip shop we spent so many evenings pretending we weren’t the lovers we so obviously were. Loosening my fingers, I place them on her face as my tongue slides around hers. At this moment, we are not two, but one, and death is momentarily banished to the corners of my mind. I know it will defeat me, and yet she matters more, and even though this will last for only a fraction of the lifespan of the universe, the taste of her mouth and the beat of her heart are the most precious gifts I could ask for. As the leaves fall and the traffic goes by without a sound, we go from park to park drinking coffee and eating chocolate although we feel guilty when the swans from the lake look at us with hungry eyes so we buy a loaf of bread and divide the slices between us before breaking them into tiny pieces. Some of the swans take the bread from our hands, while others wait for us to throw them at their feet. When we do, they whoop in triumph as I hold her close. This feeling, it lasts as long as we want it to, and as the sun goes down and the snow begins to fall, we sway in time to the music we’ve been listening to for the past few weeks. I bought the CD from the local market, and the minute we first listened to it while in each other’s arms one Sunday afternoon, we both knew it spoke to us like nothing else. Our bed, it acted as a magic carpet, and as the music flowed like wine and the lyrics twisted around our naked bodies, the words said more to us than we ever thought possible. Nature. The secrets of the seasons. The secrets of the stars as the hours passed like seconds behind our tired eyelids. We are witnesses. We are dancers. There is a passage for all of us, and these footsteps just won’t shift no matter what direction we take.

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