City Girl



We eat pizza in the restaurant like nothing’s wrong but my hangover’s getting worse by the minute. You’ve got your eye on me after the party I was at last night. I’m a well-behaved boy, and yet when the drink gets in me, well, things have a habit of getting out of hand. Dabbing my brow with a serviette, I look at you for sympathy, but you frown while eating your third slice. I wanted meat feast, but you chose vegetarian, just to spite me. Getting up and stumbling to the toilet, I kick open the door to the cubicle and puke. On my knees and begging for mercy, sweat drips into my bloodshot eyes, but things feel better once it’s all out; enough for me to get to my feet and praise Dionysus for keeping me safe. Sitting back at the table, you continue to eat while frowning, so I sink to my knees again and shuffle around and place my head in your lap. Annoyed yet suppressing a grin, you tell me to get up, but instead, I wrap my arms around your waist and kiss the black tights that cling to your legs. And those legs! I know I said it was your eyes, but those legs- every time I kiss them, it’s hard for me to keep it all in. Every time I hold them in my hands and look upon you as you wait for my release- well, some things can never be described. So you blush and swear at me under your breath as people eating at the other tables look to see what’s going on. Even the waiter comes over to inquire as to what’s happened, and as you pinch the back of my neck, I bury my face deeper into your lap while giggling. Looking nonplussed, he shakes his head as you make up some story about me being sad because my cat died. As I pretend to cry, the waiter disappears, and so you twist my ear and order me to stop being such a dick. Getting back in my seat, I gaze at you with the look of a boy who doesn’t know why he’s ill. Reaching under the table, I rest my fingers on your leg while continuing to be silent. You scowl at my affection but this time with a hint of pity. Placing your left hand upon mine while picking up another slice of pizza with your right, you take a bite then guide it to my lips. Nibbling at the crust, I swallow then mouth those words we swore never to use. Hesitating at my gesture, you lower the slice down onto the plate as the room spins with you sat there so startled like a fox in the headlights. One minute I’m a fool; the next I’m declaring my love. One minute I’m making you squirm, then I’m holding you in my arms as we head back to mine soaked to the bone from the pouring rain.

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