City Kids



So I lift the mirror off the wall and trim my hair because I’m seeing her in the evening. We agreed on the pub and then noodles and even though she’s not coming back to mine I make sure to trim my pubic hair just in case and as I walk into town things feel good even though the cold I’ve been suffering from is clinging with every breath. So she’s waiting for me outside listening to her music and when she sees me she smiles revealing those blood-red gums of hers and as we kiss I keep my eyes open and so does she. Biting my lower lip I reach out and place my hands upon her hips. I could take her now. Right now on the pavement in front of everyone. Could lose myself so easily. So we stand there not saying anything just kissing with my hands on her curves and when she gazes at me I gaze at her and yeah it’s so sickly but it doesn’t matter. Inside we get in a few rounds and although I’m not drunk I’d say I’m tipsy and beneath the table my hands are all over her legs. She’s wearing a short skirt and black tights. I have a thing for black tights and she knows it. She also knows I have a thing for brunettes, and in turn I know she has a thing for guys with red hair. Squeezing her thigh she leans across the table and slides her tongue across mine. She bites and chews, and as I imagine my mouth on her breast I want to say those words even though it’s our thing to pretend we hate each other. Then come noodles and more alcohol and then comes ice cream and as we walk hand in hand through the rain the lights of passing cars illuminate her so she looks like an angel. Grabbing hold of her arms I push her against a wall and as rain drips down our faces she looks up at me and I tell her. I spit out the words and let it be known. A train rumbles in the distance, and then a taxi passes with some drunk fuck yelling something at us before slinging an empty can of beer at our feet. But we are outside of time. Those eyes of hers reading mine, she places her fingers within my own then rests her head against my chest. Kissing her wet hair, I hold her tight and speak no words because my heart has spoken, and she has heard exactly what she needed to know.


A Journal for Damned Lovers on

A Journal for Damned Lovers on

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