Falling Through the Ice



With every word that’s written comes the deconstruction of the man you used to know. With every expression comes a changing that breaks down barricades. See them crumble- see them collapse- then breathe in the dust until you choke like I have choked so many times down so many years that have now lost all sense of meaning. Behind these cold eyes, there’s a lover who doesn’t resemble the one you’re familiar with. Maybe there was a time when we were close- maybe there were nights we spent fucking until exhaustion took over and I held you in my arms and watched you fall asleep while stroking your face. But that man is no longer here- he fell through the thin ice of life. He slipped out of view when no one was looking and will never return. On the other side, there are things you wouldn’t believe. There is a place where horror and beauty dance in perfect harmony. There is a state of mind that embraces everything we have ever felt yet tried so hard to deny. Some make the decision to go towards the light it casts, while others shy away and carry on with their pointless charades they never seem to bore of. It keeps them warm at night, keeps them from getting lonely, but never will they see what I have seen. Never will they know how it feels to be at one with the gods. Never will they understand beyond what they’ve been lead to believe. You could say it’s a pity, you can say it’s sad, but if that’s how they want to be, leave them to it. There’s no point wasting yourself on those too afraid to see what needs to be seen. So scrape them off, and leave them to rot.


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