Another Ghost

It could be the last night on earth, or maybe it’s just another argument that ends with her sleeping in the spare bedroom. She was angered by my apparent lack of regard concerning her outbreak of spots. When I got up to close the window because a spider had just scuttled in, she kept asking me how bad they were while inspecting them in her vanity mirror, so I told her to quit moaning. This set her off, and when I went to touch her soon after she pushed me away. Then came the threats and attempts at blackmail. If I didn’t apologise she wouldn’t sleep with me- if I didn’t treat her better she would walk away, but things are coming to an end anyway, and when I asked why she had even bothered coming around in the first place seeing as though my company bored her so much, she fell silent. So, I went ahead and suggested we shouldn’t be together anymore. She didn’t say much at first but then she ignited and gave me her best shot. She kicked and screamed and went on for nearly an hour as I sat there smoking in silence. At some point she scratched my face but when I told her to leave she backed down and informed me I wouldn’t be getting rid of her that easily. So she went into the other room and almost immediately I took out my laptop and jacked off looking at the dirtiest porn I could find. The orgasm was awful and redundant, and it made me feel guilty because she was in the other room all alone and the room had no heating and she’d left her phone charger with me and I knew for a fact that around this time of night she had little to no charge left. For a moment I thought about going in and making things up with her and doing my best to make things better, but there was no use. Although I still loved her, there was nothing left between us, and I was already resigned to the fact that I was going to spend the next several years going over every detail of our demise just as I had done to those who had gone before. She was already a ghost, and even though she was only several feet away, she was haunting me already.


A Journal for Damned Lovers on

A Journal for Damned Lovers on 

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