Tomorrow Is Today



Ten thousand tonnes of clouds and the image of a virgin fiddling with razor blades while soaking in a hot bath. Her body is unknown, untouched. Those breasts of hers, those ridges of flesh where the fingers of no man have ever teased. They speak to me of many great things, but words only go so far. You need actions. You need destruction. You need to cease to exist in order to exist. She believes that only God can make a tree, but whenever I close my eyes I’m making universes by the second. I’m not saying I’m on a par with the big man himself, but he’s not all that. If I were to have it all, what would I wish for? Not much it must be said. It wouldn’t be love or the stars, it would be just one day. One shard of time I could call my own. Wouldn’t it be so easy to just become part of the machine? To just be swallowed up never to fear again? I should give up smoking and spend more time working on the novel. I don’t use pornography anymore, so that’s something, at least. Belly’s getting bigger, though. Should take myself up to the quarry and burn off those excess calories but writing gets the better of me. Laziness, too, and hangovers on days off because alcohol always has a way of calling me back home. Walking back from work tonight the moon was watching me through the trees and I wished with all I had to lift off the pavement and float to its rocky surface. For a second, I could almost feel it was possible, could almost taste the lunar surface upon my tongue. If you were here with me now, would you know the man before your eyes? Would you believe in his need to write, or would you put him down without so much as a second thought? It’s been done so many times already so it wouldn’t be anything new. No biggy. All I ask for is for when tomorrow is today- when I become something unchained from what isn’t necessary. (You know that word is my enemy, right? Don’t like it, can’t spell it. Fuck it.)

A Journal for Damned Lovers on

A Journal for Damned Lovers on

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    • Thank you 🙂 It’s strange how I can never spell some words no matter how many times I get stuck on them. That one in particular just never sticks, and even when I try to guess, spellchecker mocks my efforts and pretends not to know what I’m on about x

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