You Hide Away your Love



You hide away your love despite painting yourself as a lover. You say you know what it feels like, but all you know is what it’s like to paint a picture that isn’t real. As you part the curtains and look out across the city, you remember how it used to be, and yet you’re not the same. You used to be a girl; you used to dance upon the moon and swallow the stars, but that version of you is long gone. It didn’t vanish overnight, instead, day by day, you shed those layers without realising until you ended up just another someone. You could be so beautiful. You could be anything you wanted, but inside your chest, there’s nothing but emptiness. Whatever happened to those childhood pets of yours? We know they died and were buried behind the shed at the foot of the garden, but what became of their souls? Where do all the animals go once they leave this place behind? Millions of years ago it was heaven- a true garden of Eden, but then along came man and infected nature with a poison that keeps on giving. How I wish to have lived when the dinosaurs lived- how I wish to be as far removed as possible from everything that speaks to me of human stains. We think we understand- but we are a footnote and a forgettable one at that. Take me out. Take me to a way of being that exists outside of what we know. I want to explore the moons of Jupiter. I want to walk the Martian landscape with you by my side- and even though we’ll be lonely, wouldn’t it be wonderful to dance again in a landscape where there’s no such thing as tomorrow? Wouldn’t it be nice to live as one without the need for anything else but a natural equilibrium built around harmony and a lust for life that yearns only for the love of our God?

 A Journal for Damned Lovers on

A Journal for Damned Lovers on

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  1. Beautiful writing, a lovely fantasy that makes one long for the solitude of an undiscovered planet, there is one out there at the dark fringes of our imagination. x

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