Another Plateau



On a frozen lake you dance. There’s music. Something dark. A soundtrack to murder, or perhaps your first undressing beneath the watchful eyes of a man much like myself. When you move your hips with that vague smile of yours, there are so many urges that threaten to overpower me. Others have been in my position. They know what you taste like, and they know what you look like, and despite my best efforts to show myself as being different, I’m nothing but a dog rolling in the dirt at the sight of you. Beneath a tree with branches that shoot into the blackened sky, you hitch up your skirt and let the animals see what you’ve got. The first one- did he leave his mark, or is your memory of him without meaning? Did he kiss your lips and make your come, or was he only interested in seeing you in the nude? Tender, vulnerable, and ready to be broken. As much as I think of myself as being a man of merit, truth be told I want to damage you, and as you shimmer on thin ice, the thought of you on your knees begging for what I’ve got is the only thing that keeps me from slipping away. Perhaps it’s the same for all of us, and that despite my best efforts, I’m as low as the rest.

A Journal for Damned Lovers on

A Journal for Damned Lovers on

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