Every Day is Sunday



The arms of the clock were pulled off while she was taking a shower. I was bored and suffering from stomach cramps and when I feel like a cornered animal stuff ends up breaking. Drying herself before the vanity mirror, she checks for lumps then plucks her eyebrows making sure to place each one on the bedside table in a neat pile that will end up on the floor as soon as she uses her hairdryer. The warm air it blows sends shivers down my spine. It gives me goosebumps and makes my balls shrink causing me to look like a little boy. Curled into a quarter circle, I disappear among the blankets and pillows while she paints her toenails. Sometimes when we merge, I squeeze her toes like little piggies. She finds my actions a nuisance, but to see her giggle at my touch turns me on. When we open our mouths and scream- when we fall limp as dark energy rushes through our puny bodies- we can’t deny what we feel inside. We’re pretty much useless truth be told, but when she lies on her back and lets me in, the pain subsides enough for us to forget. These days we cling to, they’re like Sunday. There’s no time. No direction. We fuck and make plans but never seem to go anywhere. We watch horror movies and drink warm beer even though it’s still morning. We take baths together thinking only of the end because as much as we pretend, we know that death is waiting. It’s touched us once, and it will touch us again. So to make things better we order fried chicken and have a smoke. Her lips are tender. They seem so kissable, so I suck them until they bleed onto mine.

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  1. Oy, wordpress is at it again. I’ve been following you for so long, and I foolishly thought you were on hiatus. But I saw your recent featured post on Sudden Denouement and started thinking. After doing some digging, you’re not even showing up in my followed blogs list. Arg! I’m sorry. It appears I have much catching up to do.

      • I’ve never tried to articulate this before, but I think that what I like and relate to most to most about your writing is that there is always balance. Gritty AND tender; biting AND evocative; sarcastic AND lush . You manage to always write human duality without scarifying either side of yourself. I think you embrace the ugly and the beauty of human experience more eloquently than any other writer I’ve come across on WordPress.

      • That’s some comment, and I shall hold it close to my heart that’s for sure. I’m so glad you think there’s a balance, because I always try to achieve a range of emotions without ever going too far either way. I think human duality is absolutely what it’s all about. To exist in this skin can be both heaven and hell, but those who only ever focus on one and not both are missing out on so much x

      • I think it makes most people uncomfortable to acknowledge that duality. I spent a very interesting year when I was a graduate student doing a field placement in a maximum security prison providing mental health services to prisoners with serious mental health problems. My supervisors charge to me was that I was there to empathize. So I did. Even when it was uncomfortable I always made myself seek human connection. I feel like I learned a lot more about myself that year than I did about the inmates. I truly saw our commonalities not our differences. Saw my darkness and their light. The ultimate dynamic tension.

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