Street Spirit



I could tell the world how beautiful you are; could put a ring on your finger and show them just how much you meant to me, but so couldn’t anyone? Such a thing once amused me, but deep down the rabbit hole, these pleasantries are as uninteresting as the lives of those who are satisfied by them. When I was younger, I equated love with acceptance. I thought one without the other just didn’t work. Ah, how foolish I was, but I guess we gotta learn somehow. And just to think, there are so many that still believe such trash and always will do. Each to their own, but, really? If you let me, I’ll shave your head, and you can shave mine, then you can burn my clothes, and I’ll burn yours. We’ll take a drive to the coast, get some cheap hotel room and fuck for days on end only leaving our room for food and a walk on the beach late at night. No internet. No interaction with others whatsoever. I won’t even do any writing. Well, maybe a line or two. The point is, if it’s love then there’s no need for anything else. No other eyes or lives are welcome, because all that matters is us. During the day, when we’re not busy doing nothing other than breathing, I’ll draw you side-on as you sit before the window. Your silhouette will be a monolith. It’ll become a symbol for a new way of being, and as I gently massage your breasts while you drink a cup of tea while watching Countdown on TV, the documentation of our transformation will be the only thing that matters outside the metamorphosis itself. But despite renouncing our old and pointless lives and those former ways of being, I’ll still be allowed to enjoy a drink, y’know, because it helps to get the words out. And you’ll be cool to take your photos as you have an eye for the tender things in life that others leave behind. Maybe one night we’ll grab some fish and chips and wander through the deserted streets basking in the absence of others while feeling alive beneath the watchful eye of the moon. Maybe we’ll draw a door on some piss-stained brick wall and step right through and leave this place for good. If we want, we can do anything. All it takes is belief and a little know-how. The right road is the long road. The hardest steps to take the only steps worth taking. This is the way, so take my hand and slide your fingers in mine and become one with a way of being that only the few will ever have the guts to taste.

A Journal for Damned Lovers on

A Journal for Damned Lovers on

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