Us – S.K. Nicholas

My latest contribution to The Sudden Denouement Literary Collective.

There’s junk food in my belly and a book on Ian Brady in my hand. Blinking my eyes, the pages are stained with sweat and splashed with spit. Remember when I would take you from behind and how I’d lean over and tell you to turn your face and look me in the eyes? How […]

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  1. This made me uncomfortable – not the sex talk but because Brady makes my skin crawl. Then I laughed because it reminded me of the time I told my best mate that Ted Bundy was my “favourite” serial killer and how she laughed till snot ran out her nose – and she will never let me forget it. She’d laugh now, if I showed her this, so I probably will. The stuff that you evoke in me…it’s a weird comment, I know, but I feel you’ll get it. ❤

    • I’m reading a newly published book on him at the moment. Nothing can take away the horrific nature of his crimes, but I’m interested in what he has to say for himself. If there was any remorse at the end of his life, or if he still felt only disdain and apathy. Funny you should mention Bundy. I’d say he’s my “favourite” too. I’m glad you enjoyed these words, and that they evoke a certain something ❤

  2. “For some, the meaning of words is a thankless one, but for me, God is in every letter. This poetry. This sense of glory. There is nothing that comes close save for the image of you leaving footprints on fresh snow, or the taste of your neck as we do our thing while trying so hard to resist the breaking of dawn.” God is in every letter. Damn.

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