There are flashing lights that flicker before my eyes. There are strange sensations spinning within me that only you could evoke, and yet your absence is felt more than anything. Swallowing mouthfuls of air as if my lungs were made for anything but breathing, I shake my head and see you dancing in the darkness waving two sparklers about. You’re drawing love hearts and then piercing them with arrows before writing our names with the number 4 in the middle and underlining them with a double x. As the ground shakes and the heavens fall, I look around and find myself in a carpark. It looks like the one near where I used to go to school, and yet I didn’t know you back then, and I never told you about this part of my life, so how could you be here with me? How is it that you have the ability to follow me wherever I have been, and to wherever I may go? Sometimes it gets so lonely, and yet you never leave me alone. Sometimes the distance between me and my dreams only ever seems to be increasing, and yet you never fail to pull down the walls that keep me from telling the difference between what’s real and what’s not. The days remain the same, and yet so often do you yank the rug from under my feet without warning. The slightest interaction. The merest of touches. One minute I’m falling and then the next I’m in your arms. As you move around me like the storm you are, I taste your kiss and my feet don’t touch the ground. The way you swish those sparklers with such a simple smile on your face. The way they shine and flame in your eyes as the asphalt turns to mud and the landscape shifts from place to place until I’m well and truly lost. It could only be you and this you know all too well. It’s why you won’t let me rest. It’s why you keep finding me everywhere I go. In every location, and in every memory, you’re always two steps ahead.

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