Natural Anthem



We spin and circle each other and when we wave our arms we resemble the Ferris wheels from my dreams and when we spiral through the sky, just for one moment we taste what it is to be infinite. Unsure of where we are but not in the least bit bothered, we skip between the hesitant bodies around us before shooting up into the air like fireworks. Illuminating all those below as they point at what we have become, they stare at the brilliant flashes of red and yellows in astonishment and in these stretched seconds that seem to last for hours, we revel in the knowledge that all eyes are on us and us alone. When we return and run and scream like phantoms in search of God, what remains of our sadness soon dissolves and the fear that once had us in its grip is spat out and left to stink in the dust. Where we are is where we need to be. Anywhere else is just useless. Anyone that refuses to see life through our viewing lens is just junk. That’s how it is, and that’s exactly how it’s gonna stay. Sniffing the scent of gunpowder like dogs with their noses in the air in search of prey, we fly around and say hello to the angels and even though I tell you not to, you scoop up a handful of stars and slide them into your pocket with a grin that flashes across the towns and cities below like a solar flare. First you stole my heart, and now it’s the universe. They told us that none of this could be done. They demanded we be like them, that we get real and focus on what matters most, but all we could do was laugh as our feet left the ground and we floated upwards like two red balloons in search of the sky. Yeah, that’s right, balloons and then fireworks among the angels while stealing stars. Who’s to stop us, though, and who’s to say it’s wrong? No one worth listening to, that’s for sure.

A Journal for Damned Lovers on

A Journal for Damned Lovers on


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  1. LOVE the line “even though I tell you not to, you scoop up a handful of stars and slide them into your pocket”

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