Cigarettes After Sex



Giving a poll dance to the stars, she kicks and screams before falling into my arms. Short skirt. Black tights. Legs like scissors. Arms like wings, wings that swoop through the air with each feather like a knife to my throat as she forces the words right out of me. As I spit and stutter, she flutters at the speed of sound. As I collapse into a heap, she seeps in until sheโ€™s deep within my bones. We are more than holy and we are more than lovers for we are spirits circling gravestones while spiralling through the air like helicopter leaves caught in a gust of wind that takes us through the valleys to the seas that cradle the shadows of the heavens above. Within a sudden and sweet embrace, we are bursts of electricity and we are impulses sent from God into the minds of all the animals as they run through the forest with the fairies and dragonflies that know not of death but of the thirst for living. In each gasp of air, we seek meaning. In each kiss, we taste something more, something that calls to us from the peaks of all the mountains to the bottom of the Challenger Deep. Alone and yet at one with absolutely everything, our bodies are not bodies but thoughts that have been travelling for billions of years waiting to reach each other and now they have they swirl like galaxies and dreams that never end soaked with the scent of oranges and nectar that drips from her lips like honey.

A Journal for Damned Lovers on

A Journal for Damned Lovers on

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  1. How eloquently put! I have really missed reading your posts and it feels amazing to be back on your page, and reading things that soak my soul in an emotion so pure!

  2. oh wow. I felt everything, such beautiful words and I’m haunted by a feeling that I’ve been there and it’s somewhere I want to go back to. Love the helicopter leaves image. I’ll think of you and fairies next time I watch them.

    • Thank you! That’s the feeling I got while writing it. It felt like a dream, and yet more like a memory. Or maybe both mixed together. I hope you do; that would be wonderful! Helicopter leaves were a childhood wonder for me x

      • And that’s exactly how I felt as I read it. The two overlapping so you weren’t sure which was which. You are an amazing writer. I want to bottle this blog post and live in it a while. Me too. I still pick them up and let them fly when I find them now. A whole world in their swirling ๐Ÿ™‚ x

      • I’m so pleased you think so ๐Ÿ™‚ But I’m just a sum of my parts, and to think of all the times I’ve been influenced by your words and images- which has been many, many times. We all help one another, even without realising it. Here’s to helicopter leaves and living in a dreamy moment ๐Ÿ™‚ x

      • That’s made me smile. Definitely. To helicopter leaves and dreams. And sitting on the shoulders of beautiful minds to see the world through their eyes for a little while. x

  3. ‘…our bodies are not bodies but thoughts that have been travelling for billions of years waiting to reach each other…’

    Sexy, smart, and emotional….very moving piece.

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