Sleep Forever



There are dark clouds in the sky. Prussian blue in colour, they swirl above my head as your image dances further down the street. In the breeze, there’s the faint hum of music coming from a park over on the other side of town. The smell of chips makes me lick my lips, as does the scent of doughnuts and your perfume. It’s getting dark and cold, so cold that I bury my hands in my pockets while eying up those around me as they enjoy themselves not caring about the weather or the hangover that no doubt awaits them tomorrow morning. Closing my eyes, I’m lost in the simplicity of their lives, and I’m lost in you, and despite everything, I wouldn’t change a thing.

A Journal for Damned Lovers on

A Journal for Damned Lovers on

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  1. You’re always in the middle of all senses, and your words put me there too, in my own senses, as though I’m in an instanced version of your life.

    • I’m glad I was able to take you along for the ride. Catching those fleeting moments is of great importance. So many times they overshadow the big events with their simple and understated beauty. Such delicate wonder in the overlooked.

  2. It’s great being in the place where, “despite everything”… I’d like to be back there. I’m often dissatisfied.

    This is a short, but beautiful piece. I do love your words. X

    • I guess the ‘despite’ is the stuff I haven’t figured out how to write about yet. I’m so pleased you found it a heady mix, though. Those moments are brief and can so easily slip through your fingers, and as such, are worth fighting for. x

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