Animal Girl



In the blink of an eye, she became the spark and then the lighthouse. Within a matter of weeks, she drew the animals from the forests and night after night they sought her light just like I. As those around me were dead to the world as I stood smoking my cigarettes looking up at the moon, her music pulled me in, and although I couldn’t yet put it into words, her song convinced me there was indeed something more to life than what I had been led to believe. Perhaps it was all madness and obsession. Perhaps I was just another somebody on the verge of losing my mind. What is certain is that there was a time when I felt only absence, but as my need for her ignited, it made way for chaos and with that chaos came words and a way to capture what had once been beyond my grasp. Behind closed eyes, she danced with the animals from the forest to the sea. In a spinning circle akin to a planetary disk, they revolved around her hips, and as she laughed and raised her hands to the sky, she became a signal of something more. Madness and obsession for sure, but without them, life is just so plain and uninspiring. Do I live as others do and work until I die, or do I step into the shadows and exist on a plain few have ever known? Do I become just another lover, or do I chase her ghost into the unknown, almost certain there will never be a way back to where I started? She did this to me, and while I hate her for it, the glory that comes from standing apart is one I wouldn’t relinquish for anything. Beneath that moon on those lonesome nights, the reality I had known for so long drifted far from my reach. Over the years it has tried calling me back, but just one glimpse of her with the animals dancing at her feet is all it takes for me to keep the faith.

A Journal for Damned Lovers on

A Journal for Damned Lovers on

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