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A video where I go through a few of the most influential books, films, and albums I own and discuss the impact they’ve had on my creative vision. It’s nice to talk about things that mean so much to me, and how they’ve shaped me not only as a writer but a person, as well. We are a sum of all our parts, and to ponder what made us who we are can be quite delightful. I also talk about women thieves and pyjamas. Hope you enjoy it.

A Journal for Damned Lovers on

A Journal for Damned Lovers on

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  1. Books that influence me are Frankenstein modern Prometheus, Bram Stokers Dracula, and Terry Pratchett’s Mort. I read about Bram stoker as well. Anne Frank Diary, the Diary of Anne Frank, Wendy Bailey’s this dark paradise. Anne Rice interview with a Vampire, Queen of the Damned, Armand the vampire brilliant. Vlad Dracula Raymond T McNally in search of a vampire was good. About Vlad Dracul. Very Dark but it is the underlying stories and possibly moral or love story within. Big influences on Adnama and Alex. The love story in Dracula by Bram Stoker Is good. The differences between the friends Lucy and Mina, the bond of their friendship.

  2. I’ve grown accustomed to your face SK . A great video… The books you present are fascinating. Of the many books I have read I was most affected by the classic novel “An American Tragedy” by Theodore Dreiser written in 1925. A disturbing experience, I found myself identifying with the protagonist, a social climber and murderer, sympathizing with the villain. I was bewildered by my own reaction and it stayed with me for some time, I can’t justify or explain those emotions even now, I am looking forward to your book Stephen. Thank you for sharing a part of yourself, it’s nice to get to know you better.

    • Thank you, Holly.
      I’m touched you enjoyed this video, and that you took something from the books I shared. The book you mention sounds fascinating, and I’ll be looking it up on Amazon right away! Your description of your personal reaction to it tells me I’m going to go on quite some journey within its pages!
      Thank you for your support, as I’ve mentioned many a time before, it really does mean so much to me. And I’m so pleased you’ve enjoyed me giving some background to my words xx

  3. Cannot wait to watch this YouTube video and hear all that you’ve got to say about your inspiration – as this is always so extremely interesting – by the way – have a look at my recent post, it has to do with a very old, legendary song called ‘Hotel California’ – a piece of music that brings back memories (at least in my case) – it’s quite amazing that both literature and music (so art in general) are able to ‘take us back’ to the old, good times and sometimes they are just like a tatoo – you will never be able to remove them from your memory, as they are inprinted with a big amount of dark ink. Will tell you later how I liked your video, have a great Sunday:)

    • Thank you! I hope you enjoy giving it a watch and find something that helps inspire a word or two.
      It’s interesting that you compare the impact of music and literature to that of a tattoo, as I’ve often thought the same thing in the past. Great minds think alike, I would say 😉
      And I shall be sure to check out your piece! I’ve heard that song, too. It’s one of my favourites.
      Hope your day has been a pleasant one x

  4. Really enjoyed this video, Stephen. When I write, there’ll sometimes have been a song or a book or a film in my head that has inspired me to write or draw or has just affected my mood. Our influences are quite different it seems, though we do share a taste for true crime (in a non cannibalistic way). Musically, our tastes differ, but I listened to all of your suggestions and can appreciate just how powerful they are to you. I’ve written (some time ago) of my musical inspirations. At times I lose myself in certain pieces – it could be something from Radiohead or Erik Satie or some dance track that is so current that my friends take the piss out of me for it because I’m supposed to be stuck in 1984. I don’t care, of course. I wrote recently about Frida Kahlo and you commented on that. I see now why you did! Her dedication to her art touched something in me, as Pollock touched something in you.

    But I should written a blog of my own about this, about my influences or what inspires me, rather than dicking all over your comments. I’m sorry – digression and waffling appears to be something we both do. Thank you for making me think more about…everything really. I have purchased both Jubb and Giro Playboy too. I bought these copies, because this is what it said in the description: Shows some signs of wear, and may have some markings and highlighted sentences on the inside. Good books may contain ex-library markings. Dust jacket may be missing. :). I have on my jammies, which were purchased in Asda and were approximately £8 – ps. they are not an actual pair.

    • I’m so pleased you picked up Jubb and Giro Playboy! That’s brilliant. I hope you enjoy them both. I’m probably going to reread Jubb this week as it’s been a few years since I last picked it up. Let me know what you think of them, especially Jubb!
      No need to apologise for digressing, either, like you said, I know the feeling all too well 😉
      It’s so good to be able to see how our influences shape us, and even better when we pick up bits and pieces from others that we then take for ourselves. No matter how small they may be, they go on to change the course of our lives. And that’s just magic, isn’t it?
      I bought my pyjamas from Asda as well. They’re green and blue, sort of checkered. They were £15 x

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