A Journal for Damned Lovers: Volume 2 – Proof Copy



The proof copy of the second volume of A Journal for Damned Lovers came in the post today. It took me by surprise as it wasn’t expected to arrive until Wednesday. Instead of opening it straight away, I put it to one side and kept walking around it as if it were somehow dangerous. Even though I’ve been in the same position before, it’s still a nerve-racking experience. What if the cover’s fucked up? What if there’s a typo? But no, so far everything seems to be in order. I’ve made a 15-minute video which I’ll post tomorrow where I go into a bit more detail, and I’ve included a reading of the first piece, which is titled Life is a Fear, as well as the blurb. Without something random happening, it will be available to purchase this Friday 20th from Amazon in physical form, and a short time later on Kindle. I’ll be sure to put links up on all my social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

It’s a strange feeling to have the second volume in my hands. Twenty months of my life have gone into its creation. Twelve of those were writing the pieces for this blog, and then another eight spent editing them and making sure they all connected and complimented each other going into book form. It goes without saying I’m proud of this achievement. I believe the second volume of Damned Lovers is an engaging and focused read. Of course, I would say that, but it’s true. I’ve developed as a writer since the first volume came out, and as my ability has improved, I’ve done a better job at capturing the visions and emotions that drive my work. For anyone that has ever taken the time to read my work, to like or comment on it, I thank you, because such support is gold dust. It’s my belief that the second volume is going to be something you’ll enjoy reading.

A Journal for Damned Lovers on Amazon.co.uk

A Journal for Damned Lovers on Amazon.com

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  1. It feels sort of surreal, as you hold the copy of your book in your hands, in the past, the writings were only a sort of a conceptual thing, and now, holding the volume in your hands, they’d become, a reality…

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