YouTube: Death/Blood/ Inventing Words/ Two Readings


Made a new video. There’s talk about the sudden death of someone I kinda knew but didn’t. There’s further discussion on haircuts, inventing words, bad hand hygiene, and then I attempt to read two pieces from the journals. One from each, in fact. Those pieces are Lonely Roads, and Mythic Porno Machine. Worth a watch I would say x

A Journal for Damned Lovers Volumes 1 & 2 on

A Journal for Damned Lovers Volumes 1 & 2 on

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  1. I enjoyed your link SK.
    The linguist was fabulous at making up words, in fact any time he couldn’t come up with an off the rack word, he just made one up. He called them gurkisms, they were quite good. 🙂 x

  2. Aw, condolences for your old mate. But that’s just it, he’ll never be old, then, will he?

    Your anectdota? Hilarious.

    Beanage? ☺️ Very sneaky. Clever….but sneaky! Ha!

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