Walk the Line



Electricity dances across the fillings in your teeth but you’re too bewildered to notice so you just eat your blueberries head down walking through streets that speak a language you don’t understand. Your life’s a mess of beer and headaches and newspapers full of chips and pockets of tissues and mints and filter tips for dirty cigarettes and dirty coins that have passed through the fingers of millions but none of it touches you in the slightest because like those coins you keep slip slip slipping not knowing where you’ll slip to next. Do you feel sad that others have left you behind and you’re just hanging around in limbo land like the outsider you are or do you believe that the life you lead is the only thing that matters and as such you are god and god is you and what you do is the only thing worth shit? Youth is youth and flesh is flesh and yeah it’s leaving us in the dust but the mind rules all and if we say we can fly then we can fly and this body can just do one and when bodies fall it’s not sad at all because these vessels are just stupid stupid stupid so cry like you wanna cry and lie down for a week or two not moving or thinking just looking up at the ceiling. If that’s what you wanna do, then do it. You ain’t got cellmates and you ain’t got direction, but there’s fire in you I’ve seen it for sure, and where there’s fire there’s hope and where there’s hope love is never far away so you’ll be okay. Yeah, you’ll be okay so dry your eyes and drink some tea and listen to Elliott Smith while the world turns waiting for the day when you return and when you do you’ll do things they said you could never do and you’ll show others what’s on the other side because you’ve been there and you’ve walked the line and seen life for what it really is and when you surf that wave and breathe in the stars you’ll exist in all places and all places will exist in you. It’s a tricky ride alright, but as long as you don’t hide away your heart, you will rise rise rise until you bring the storm like the song you are and the music you make will change these days in ways they never thought possible.

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A Journal for Damned Lovers Volumes 1 & 2 on Amazon.com

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  1. Your writing’s so powerful. It really touches my soul. It’s like a sad but beautiful song with a beautiful rhythm. I love reading it. It inspires me so much.

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