Just You



In the time it takes for me to kiss your lips, you turn your head and I end up kissing your cheek instead. But this won’t do, no, it won’t do at all. In a body of water, and in a body of clouds, I lay my hands upon you and claim what is rightfully mine. In a burnt-out church, and in an empty parking lot, you still do this to me. You still hurt. As your hips press against mine, I close my eyes and succumb to what I know will bring me down. Because against my best wishes, this is exactly what you do. You’re just a woman. An organic mess the same as the rest, and yet you and you alone have the ability to force my hand. You with September sun in the depths of winter. You with the scent of old bookstores on the collar that wraps around your pale neck. In a painting, I depict you as mother. I portray you as whore. In words, I conjure portals and pick away at my faults, but only ever because of you. There is an elegy. There is a void. Both of which can be found upon your tongue. Do you see the beauty of the unseen? Do you dance without a care for what can never be unchanged? Do you understand the transformations that have taken place that have lead me to become what I am? Away from the world, I am at peace with all things. Away from their fingertips, my visions of love have crystallised and I’ve embraced a version of reality I was always too afraid to know. Like a dream that dissolves when you open your eyes. Like a ray of light that shimmers during the storm. For only the briefest of moments, can we step outside the lines. For only mere seconds, can we hope to find a place where we can live as one before it’s too late.

A Journal for Damned Lovers Volumes 1 & 2 on Amazon.co.uk

A Journal for Damned Lovers Volumes 1 & 2 on Amazon.com

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  1. I’d like to know what your inspiration is. Then again, I might be better off not knowing. So, it’s up to you whether you want to answer, lol

  2. what the even actual fuck honey!!! I can barely breathe right now!!! one after the other your lines intoxicate the fuck out of me!!! strung so perfectly together it’s simply amazing how you do this time and time again!! I will always return to you…good god man…fuck! still catching my breath!

  3. I am a fool for not stopping by here more often. Your words are as beautiful as ever and seeing how you have evolved over the years is inspiring. Big love to you ❤

    • I’m glad you stopped by 🙂 It’s not always possible to find the time, so I understand. Strange how it’s been over three years now. It’s good that we have both evolved since then in many different ways, and that we’ve kept pushing forwards. Hope you are doing well Shayna ❤

  4. Wow. This is absolutely incredible and beautiful and I don’t know how you do it, time and again, able in so few words to evoke such passionate emotion within the reader, such vivid images and scenes. I nearly felt as if I was her for a few moments and it took my breath away. god. I love this. Thank you for sharing.

    • I am blessed that it made you feel this way. And that it made you feel like her for a second; that’s just magic.
      It always comes down to love.
      It has to. Without it, we’re just turds.
      Thank you for being so kind. I hope your day is a fine one, and that the words flow for you like wine x

  5. “In a burnt-out church, and in an empty parking lot, you still do this to me. You still hurt.”
    I don’t know why, well, I do, but I am not as eloquent as you and can’t properly explain how my heart flipped as I read this part. But then, it often does when I read your words, Stephen. It’s what brings me back again and again. x

    • It moves me that you know what this is like as well. The emotions. The loneliness. The love, or should that be, the lack of love.
      They all dance for us, it seems.
      Thank you, Allane, for showing faith in me and letting me know it’s okay to be like this x

      • I do have faith in you. You’ve made me have faith in me too. Before I met you, I had almost given up writing, reading…you restored something in me. I wish I had the clout to encourage other people to read your words. What you write makes me feel less alone, less odd. x

      • Thank you, Allane.
        As I’ve mentioned before, to inspire and encourage others with my words is such an accomplishment, no matter how small the scale. Those human connections make me feel less of an alien, and so it makes me smile knowing you feel less alone and odd as a result. Thats a beautiful thing indeed x

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